Freakin awesome user feedback by Edward Cox


Its inspirational when our amazing users from around the world, write to us. Though we haven’t met most of you, it instantly established a relationship!

Here’s what Edward Cox wrote to us. Edward is from Sydney!

Thank you!

As a developer I often struggle with CSS/Javascript. And now I finally have access to a tool that allows me to understand, implement, and design front end with ease.

I will thoroughly enjoy Rapid Moon while it’s in beta, but sadly one day you will probably charge for the service (as you should) and I wont be able to afford it. But thank you SO much for allowing me to use your service. I am blown away.

Don’t just market it as a tool for Web Designers! Let the Web Developers out there know how much time and effort this will save them.

Kind Regards,

Edward Cox
Sydney, Australia.

*Edward, we sure don’t like seeing our users (especially our earliest adopters) sad! Keep plugged and keep spreading Rapid Moon!

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  1. Edward – thanks for your words of encouragemet. In fact we are thinking on the same lines too. I’d love to hear what more we can do to make this tool more useful for you



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