Jan Losert on Lean design and what makes apps more user centric


Creativity takes courage ~ Henri Matisse

How to consistently improvise in the age of agile methodologies? That call is being answered by lean design protagonists like Jan Losert. Jan is an UX expert and had a great time designing product at Badoo. Team Rapid Moon caught up with him to get the inside story of what holds behind a successful product interface.

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How can a brand owner change the world with creativity, design and code? Ask Natasha Postolovski from envato!

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
~Pablo Picasso

Team Rapid Moon got the brilliant chance to interview Natasha Postolovski, brand owner at envato. Natasha is changing the world with creativity, design and code. We are inspired after what we heard from Natasha. The next 5 minutes of your time are worthy of this post.

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Louis Xavier

What does it take to Design the Future of Mobility by Louis Xavier L., Industrial Designer at Bombardier

I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next

~ Steve Jobs

The quote above defines Louis Xavier L. industrial designer at Bombardier. Louis is working on the future of mobility. His ideas and designs are inspiring. Tweet him at @LouisXavierL

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How Critical is Lean UI/ UX and Responsive Design by Alejandro Vizio, Creative Director, Aerolab

The sky is limitless, so are our ideas

We find in personality, impact and usability the best way of conceiving and shaping tailored digital solutions.

There are the one’s who design and then there are the one’s who take design to a whole new level. The one’s who change the world with design. Who make design a language, a way of expression.

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Jacklyn Burgan

Jacklyn Burgan on lean UX, rapid prototyping and design for startups


“EVERYTHING is UX branding

A quotable quote which from the Lean UX conference which was produced and hosted by Will Evans, at NYU.

The Lean Ready team at Rapid Moon caught up with Jacklyn Burgan, interaction designer at Turner Broadcasting and a self confessed UXer. Jacklyn runs playful pixel and is championing the Ladies that UX group in the Big Apple.

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Is flat design a revolution or a passing trend?


There’s a lot of buzz around flat design. The supporters around the world are all gung-ho about flat design, the amazing advantages. The strongest positive being how it forces UI/ UX thinkers to grow to the next level of creating engaging experiences, while keeping the jazz at the minimum.

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